Challenging, Invigorating Yoga Classes

At Yoga South, our professional team of certified Yoga Instructors bring a passionate approach to each and every session on the mat. We are thrilled to assist our students with a variety of services to help their practice. Our daily classes range in length and style and are shaped around common themes practiced by all of our teachers on any given week. Students can expect challenging all-levels classes that will both detoxify and invigorate even the most seasoned of yoga practitioners. Learn more about our class information below for more about Yoga South classes.

Public Group Classes

Our experienced, passionate instructors teach various class styles and intensities. The uniqueness of each teacher’s personalized class experience allows us to offer a Yoga experience that focuses around our studio’s core values.
We currently offer a variety of different public classes to help students of varying backgrounds and experience levels enjoy a class that is both physically challenging and refreshing for the most transformational internal and external fitness.

Yoga South Class Styles


Level 1 - Beginners

A gentle flow introducing the traditional poses and fundamentals including; body alignment, breathing techniques and modifications. The intention is to build confidence and prepare our new students for more challenging classes as well as for existing students wanting to deepen their practice 60 minutes.

All Levels

An improvisational free flow, vinyasa class. All welcome, beginner, intermediate or advanced with safe options for everyone. 90 minutes


A revitalizing and mindful practice that works deeply into the muscles, connection tissues and joints through passive extended holds of the postures. All poses are passive, however can be quite challenging due to the long duration of holding. It is suitable for all levels and a perfect compliment to “yang” activities such as running and sports training or our vinyasa classes. 60 minutes.

Happy Hour

Flow class with attention given to proper alignment, modifications, designed for all students wanting to obtain a more detailed understanding of the practice. 60 minutes

Connected Warriors

A free weekly yoga class for active, inactive and retired military, with Ralph Iovino and Judy Weaver. This free yoga class focuses on learning skills proven to help you connect to the present – leaving anxiety behind while learning to feel safe and in control. By lowering your hyper-vigilance and your reaction to noise and stress, you will sleep better and have more control over your emotions. All military personnel welcome!! Dedicated to the Memory of Beau MacVane, Army Ranger (1976-2009)

Happy Hour

Flow class with attention given to proper alignment, modifications, designed for all students wanting to obtain a more detailed understanding of the practice. 60 minutes

Slow Flow

Guided through asanas slowly and mindfully, holding little longer providing greater awareness of fundamentals and deeper releases. – can be intense, yet designed for all levels 75 min

Community Class

A community service making Yoga affordable for every individual. Come to class regardless of your finances. Beginners and all levels are encouraged to attend. Donation class, pay what you can afford. 75 minutes

Yoga with Weights

Yoga with weights is an hour class focusing on strengthening/defining the muscles and opening areas where most experience tightness. This is a fun, high energy class; All Levels Are Encouraged and Welcomed!!! Come experience for yourself! Bring yoga mats, 1 big towel, 1 small towel, water, and your happy self! Let’s go!!

Class Etiquette

A Yoga class is a brief getaway from the normal hustle of everyday life.

At Yoga South, we strive to create a quiet, peaceful environment for each and every student in order to facillitate the most connected learning environment.

As a commitment to respect both the studio and fellow students, we ask that new and returning students refresh their understanding of in-class yoga etiquette so that each and every person can reap the maximum benefits of our challenging, awakening Yoga sessions.

We are blessed with a student-base that values the mutual respect shared amongst practicioners in the studio. We thank you for honoring one another with the commitment to a proper set of etiquette guidelines that will assist in making each and every student’s experience at Yoga South both inspirational & transformational.

Please remember to:

  • Respect the sanctity of classes that are in session before yours by remaining respectfully quiet in the shared areas of the studio before class. Your fellow classmates are entitled to enjoy a peaceful savasana just like you are!
  • Turn off your cellphones and other electronic devices for the duration of class time. You’re here! Unlpug and Enjoy the flow!
  • Make space for those around you in a crowded class.
  • Respect the instructor by adding your attention and quiet composure to mirror the quiet togetherness of the entire class
  • Only push to your own edge. Yoga is a practice of continual transformation. Do what’s best for your body and rest in child’s pose when you have had enough of a particular pose or flow.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for class to give you the support and comfort needed to successfully approach your edge.
  • Try to stay for the end of class! If you’re missing Savasana, you’re not letting the practice settle within you before you go off to face the rest of your day. If possible, stay for the entire sequence and reap the rewards!
  • Above all else, please be kind and treat the studio and your fellow practitioners with the respect that it deserves as a sanctuary for our local community.


New Student Information

Boca Raton’s Yoga South Studio is an all-levels yoga studio, providing challenging Yoga classes for both experienced and new students. We provide an inspirational, safe environment for yoga practitioners of all levels. As a full-service Yoga Studio, our teachers are experienced in providing our students with high quality, personalized care for the duration of our challenging flows.

If you are a new student, we have a few basic guidelines to help make the Yogasouth experience a bit more comfortable before you ever come to the studio.

If you are wondering if Yogasouth is the right studio for your Yoga needs, we invite you to come in and try one of our classes today.

Learn more about new student guidelines below and please feel free to contact Yogasouth today with any questions about our studio, classes, teachers and more.

  • Most of our classes are 90 minutes.
  • Avoid eating or eat lightly 1-2 hours before a class.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • You can purchase bottle water & coco water from the studio or we have filtered water where you can fill up your bottled water.
  • Yoga is practiced barefoot. Please remove socks and shoes before entering the studio floor.
  • Blocks, straps, blankets & bolsters are available for you to use during class.
  • Mats are also available to rent.
  • Please turn cell phones off upon entering the studio.


  • Let your teachers know if you have any injuries, health conditions or if you are pregnant (if pregnant, make sure to consult a doctor before joining us in class).
  • Our  classes are not “hot yoga” classes, but the room does get fairly warm, especially on warm summer days.
  • A towel can help with slipping, please bring your own or you may rent one of ours.


Private Yoga Sessions

In addition to our public yoga classes, many of the teachers at Yoga South happily provide private lessons for individual practiconers or small groups.

The practice of yoga was originally taught on a one to one basis from teacher to student providing the yogi/yogini an opportunity to explore the depths of their own individual journey. It is especially wonderful for beginners new to the practice providing a strong foundation and a safe space to grow.

  • $100 for 1 person Private Lesson
  • $50 each for 2 people
  • $40 each for 3 people

Private Appointment Cancellations

Please be punctual, late arrivals will be charged in full and granted only the remainder of the session. Standing appointments are accommodated. Cancellations are honored up to 24 hours before appointment time. Without notice of cancellation, your account will be charged the full amount of session.

If you are interested in booking a private class with one of our instructors, please contact Yoga South today and a member of our team will assist you with every aspect of your Yoga South experience.

“What a gem of a studio in Boca Raton! After moving to Delray Beach from Plantation I was heartbroken to leave my beloved studio down south, but wasn’t willing or able to drive an hour each way for yoga. I tried every studio within a reasonable radius of Delray Beach, and Yoga South is hands-down the very best. You can be a beginner or the most advanced yogi out there, this studio is for you.”

Alexandra Muzzarelli – Facebook Reviews

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